IoT & Automation

IoT (Internet of things) is a process that makes automation process easier to monitor & control and access from anywhere without physical presence. IoT refers to the process of transferring data over a network to a assigned IP address.

Home Automation

Home Automation gives you access to control devices in your home from a mobile device anywhere in the world.

Automate your home and become smarter by saving time and energy with our exclusive home automation products.

Light Fan Module

Light Module

Smart Universal Remote

Curtain Controller

Power Module

  • Controls 3 Light + 1 Fan
  • Fits behind any Switchboard
  • Works in Sync with normal Switches & Regulators
  • Controls Light
  • Miniature size – fits in smallest panels
  • Dimming of LED lights supported
  • Controls AC, TV, DTH, etc
  • Plug and Play device
  • 16 million color RGB Moodlight
  • Controls upto 4 motorized curtains
  • Install above false ceiling or inside switch board
  • Works with 4 wired curtain motor
  • Controls 1 heavy appliance like geyser, fridge, AC mains
  • Fits behind any switchboard
  • Monitor electricity consumption of appliance

Smart Universal Remote Pro

Smart Universal Remote +

Smart Universal Remote-W

  • Controls AC, TV, DTH, Projector, etc.
  • Pairs upto 6 (wireless) + 4 (Wired) appliances
  • Convenient for roof/wall mount installation
  • Controls AC, TV, DTH, Projector, etc.
  • Pairs upto 6 appliances wireless
  • Convenient for roof/wall mount installation
  • Controls AC, TV, DTH, Projector, etc.
  • Pairs upto 4 (Wired) appliances
  • Install above false ceiling or inside switchboard

Scene Controller

Dimmable LED Drivers

Smart Door Lock

  • Configure upto 4 scenes
  • Premium toughened glass front
  • Available in black & white colors
  • Compatible with any LED Light
  • Compatible with Light Fan Module and Light Module
  • Stainless steel body with premium finish
  • Lock/unlock from Mobile App
  • Finger prints & passcode access


Location Based Control

Voice Command

Scenes & Scheduling

This feature enables the user to turn on the needful appliances when he/she comes into 1000 meter circumference of the pinned location. this is called Geo-Fencing.

Eg.: 1. Set your AC to turn on when you are in 1 km radius of your home.
2. Turn off all the Lights when you leave from home

Now you can also control your home appliances with your voice commands. Our products are compatible to both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Eg.: 1. Alexa, turn on kitchen Lights
2. Ok Google, set bedroom fan to speed 5

You can preset the timing of all components to turn it on/off automatically.

Eg.: 1. Turn on garden lights at 6 pm and turn off at 6 am.
2. Scheduling your AC to turn of at 6 am

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